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Ecosteel custom prefab steel structures


Northern Steel International has been providing pre-engineered prefab steel buildings to major corporations around the world. They have recently created a new division called Ecosteel. Their idea was to combine their technological expertise in engineering and producing steel buildings with recycled materials and local manufacturing from their extensive supply chain. They would then apply this to residential construction.

Ecosteel custom prefab homes

The Goshawk Ranch project is a showcase in sustainable design and construction methods

Simply put, you approach Ecosteel with your own architect’s design for a steel building.
They engineer the project, producing 3D modeling and shop detail drawings. Upon approval the project will go to a manufacturing facility close to the eventual destination.
All parts for the project will be produced and delivered to the site. A local crew will then erect the structure per the plans. All steel is a minimum of 76% recycled content and all the components used in the structure are specifiable by you and your architect so the project can be as ‘Green’ as you want it be.

Ecosteel custom steel structures

On a private island at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean in South Carolina sits a steel fortress high above the island flood plain ready to withstand rising sea levels, hurricane force winds and seasonal brush fires.

The possibilities are endless and this is an approach which should definitely be considered for your next project. To learn more about the benefits of prefab here’s a report from McGrawHill:

For more information:

EcoLogical Steel Systems, Inc.
6443 N. Business Park Loop Rd.
Second Floor
Park City, UT 84098


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