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CertainTeed a division of saint gobain

CertainTeed, a division of Saint-Gobain

CertainTeed is a major producer of roofing, siding, trim, sheathing, insulation, foundation products, specialized gypsum products and interior finishes. They are deeply committed to producing sustainable products and using sustainable manufacturing techniques. (more…)

Bedford Technology

Bedford Technology plastic lumber

Bedford Technology- Recycled Plastic Products

Bedford Technology produces 3 lines of 100% recycled plastic lumber products. Each line has been developed to address a specific level of strength and structural characteristics. (more…)

Axion • Greening Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Axion recycled railroad ties


Here’s a company that’s invented a process to create structural building elements from 100% recycled plastic thereby reversing a cycle that has been an environmental nightmare in the making for decades. Last year alone they diverted 10 million pounds of plastic headed to the landfill and they are only just beginning. (more…)

K-tect Building System

K-tect sustainable building systems


Here’s an insulated panel system which eliminates thermal bridging with a lightweight 100% recyclable product, cuts waste, cuts construction time and can achieve up to 72 LEED points. (more…)

Smith & Fong PlyBoo

Smith&Fong Plyboo Founded in 1989, Smith & Fong is a company based off a passionate affinity for both bamboo and sustainability. The company produces flooring, plywood and veneer from bamboo that is harvested from a forest that requires no irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides. (more…)


CoastEco TimberCoast CoastEcoTimber focus on being environmentally responsible while developing a unique and beautiful product. Sustainable forestry is no easy feat, but they are successful in developing their products through the supply of rescued and reclaimed wood. (more…)


AquaTimberAqua Timber is a lumber company that provides 100% environmentally friendly water-recovered, old growth lumber. The company has gone the extra mile to ensure that they are minimizing their ecological footprint by investing in a million-dollar RFV kiln that dries out the recovered lumber using a fraction of the energy required to dry lumber in a conventional air-drying kiln. (more…)


RedSky Shelters

Red Sky Shelters is a small business based out of North Carolina whose conceptual strengths are driven by Peter Belt. Peter has experimented with tipi structures and lattice yurts, but these frameworks did not have the structural integrity he desired. Inspired by the icosohedran, which is a twenty sided geometrical structure made out of triangles, he developed a vending booth for a festival he partook in. (more…)


Greenwood Products CompanyGreenWood is a flooring company whose key considerations, when developing their product, make it clear why they are an excellent option. They pride themselves in the level at which their product is environmentally friendly, their high standards for quality, and the extent to which their product selection is fashion inspired. (more…)


AERT choicedek

Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the use of recycled Polyethylene plastic in manufacturing composite building materials since 1989. AERT’s proprietary recycling technologies have been widely recognized, earning the EPA Award for Environmental Excellence for its process of converting scrap plastic to composite outdoor decking. (more…)