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US FloorsUSFloors is a Dalton, GA based manufacturer and distributor of unique and sustainable natural flooring products such as cork, bamboo, and other natural hardwoods.
We have found their cork floors to be exceptionally attractive while providing exceptional characteristics and value. Natural cork comes from the bark of the cork oak tree which grows in coastal regions of the Mediterranean. Seven countries comprise the bulk of the area where cork oak will grow. These countries are Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia with the majority of the production occurring in Portugal and Spain. Relatively slow growing, cork trees survive harsh conditions in depleted soil that will often support little else of value. There are examples of cork oak trees that are 400 to 500 years old, though the average life expectancy would be 120 to 200 years.

US Floors cork

Cordoba•Bilbao•Estrada Cork Floors

With the opening of it’s manufacturing facility in Dalton, GA in the Fall of 2008, USFloors became the ONLY supplier of cork and bamboo flooring with manufacturing facilities in the United States. Their manufacturing facility incorporates state-of-the-art finishing and profiling lines for plank flooring as well as molding trims and finishes. By becoming a manufacturer, and not just an importer/distributor, USFloors takes control of the production of its flooring from the sourcing of raw materials to final finished product, ensuring the ingredients, quality, and performance of the floor, as well as the chain of custody of the raw materials.

US Floors cork flooring

Edipo•Ladrillo•Carbon Cork Floors

Natural Cork floors contribute to satisfying LEED credits for Rapidly Renewable Resources, Recycled Content, and Low Emitting Materials under the LEED Rating System. The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings as administered by U.S. Green Building Council. USFloors is a member of the USGBC.

US Floors cork floor installations

US Floors cork floor installations

As part of their on-going commitment to good, responsible environmental practices, USFloors, over the course of a two year period, has made significant investments in clean, renewable solar power. From their original 31.5 Kw system to their most recent 365 Kw, USFloors is a leading example of how good business practices and good environmental practices can coexist in today’s business environment.

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