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Ecosmart biofuel fireplacesEcosmart Fireplaces are a brilliant alternative to the conventional wood, gas or pellet fireplace. Utilizing a very clean, aesthetically and environmentally, design they’ve developed a line which can be used in almost any location since the Bioethanol which is used as fuel is clean burning and doesn’t require a flue or costly ventilation system.

Ecosmart fireplaces

The elegant designs lend themselves to some dramatic installations

EcoSmart fireplaces do not need a chimney or a flue – and because the fireplaces house the liquid bio ethanol in an integrated tank, there are no restrictive cables or gas connections. This means that EcoSmart fireplaces can be installed just about anywhere.

Ecosmart fireplaces

An EcoSmart insert can be used in more conventional locations as well.

EcoSmart fire burners are crafted from high quality, 304 grade stainless steel and deliver robust performance time after time.  EcoSmart fire burners are designed and tested to work at all times.  They won’t jam and the flame will only ever burn from the dedicated burning zone.

ecosmart fireplaces

There are a number of different burners and enclosures available.

The burners are designed to be efficient without compromising their appearance. From the built-in regulatory systems that allow you to control running costs, to the integrated baffles of the XL and Around Burner models which reduce the impact of the wind on fuel, through to the stainless steel mesh that insulates fuel chambers across the range.

ecosmart fireplaces

More conventional grate burners are also available.

EcoSmart fire burners are the products of choice and have been specified by many world-renowned architects and designers. When quality, design, reliability and safety count, people choose EcoSmart fire burners.

ecosmart fireplaces

A very modern look.

For more information:

EcoSmart Inc.
3641 Holdrege Ave, Suite B
Los Angeles CA 90016
United States
Fax: 800.590.3335

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