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ASCA DesignASCA is a leading design and manufacturing company producing Architectural Sun Control systems in many forms; climate control facades, trellis, monumental venetian blinds, kinetic, systems, lightshelves and more. From passive to dynamic solar control, ASCA climate control facades create a practical and versatile sun control system, while simultaneously providing a striking architectural and individual statement.

An ASCA Trellis System

Diffusing direct solar radiation at the exterior of the building envelope not only reduces mechanical loading, but also increases the health and productivity within the interior environment. Hinged panels or integrated catwalks provide sensible solutions to fenestration maintenance, while overall functionality reduces heat and glare by as much as 80%.

ASCA Kinetic System balancing natural and artificial light sources

Most artists, curators and architects believe that artwork should be presented and viewed under the same lighting conditions as they were created. The system quickly and consistently has shown to effectively light the picture walls naturally in a controlled and uniform manner, providing accurate color rendering. Dynamic systems may be energized
through interactive automated software (BMS) to a simple toggle switch.

ASCA Climate Control Facade automatically adjusts to maintain natural light levels inside.

Reflexive design and manufacturing philosophies allow our product engineers to collaborate in the evolution of any application. Whether during the schematic, construction documentation, design build phases or even when value-added engineering is required, ASCA leads product concepts to their reality.

ASCA Light Shelf System

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