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Fontenay products from wine barrelsFontenay has been in the flooring business for over 24 years and is the original source of reclaimed wine barrel flooring in the world.

Fontenay wine cellar

The distinctive look of wine stained wood

They’ve developed 3 distinct materials from their Vintage Barrel Collection. The ‘Cooperage’ comes from the outside of the barrel head and retains the patina and all the markings applied by the cooper and vintner. The ‘Infusion’ is made from the inside of the barrel which has the natural stains from the wine contained by the barrel. The ‘Stave’ is taken from the outside of the barrel and displays the aged patina of the wood with the distinctive ‘raw wood’ areas left by the metal bands of the barrel.

Fontenay wine cellars and flooring

Custom flooring, wine storage and architectural details

In addition to their flooring, they will design and construct entire wine cellars or individual pieces of furniture from their materials.

Fontenay cooperage

Design and construction of a custom wine cellar

Design and construction of custom furniture

Custom furniture from wine barrels

Fontenay prides themselves on customer service and their expert staff will assist you or your staff during every phase of your project.

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