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Lumira Daylighting

There has always been an awkward trade-off between the degree of natural light a structure allows in and its ability to control heat retention or loss: the more light the less temperature control available.
The Lumira Aerogel system finally puts to rest this compromise.

Krypton Glass

When incorporated into daylighting systems such as skylights, ceiling panels or glass walls it allows up to 80% of the natural light to penetrate the interior while drastically cutting down on excessive heat loss or build up by up to six times other conventional systems.

Lumira applied to sports complex daylighting system

Lumira applied to Souchais Sports Complex

The Souchais Sports Complex in France, where polycarbonate sheets embedded with Lumira Aerogel particles created an airy and aesthetically pleasant environment for athletes and spectators alike, while cutting back on astonishing 330,000 pounds of CO2 emissions a year.

Lumira reduces a project's carbon footprint

Lumira reduces a project's carbon footprint as in this community school in the UK.

Lumira aerogel is manufactured with almost zero net environmental impact and has no adverse human health affects on those manufacturing or using it. Lumira products can also be recycled and used again in future construction. Lighting systems employing Lumira is ideal for LEED-certified construction and other stringent environmental building codes, while affording healthier and more pleasant living, working and recreational spaces.

Lumira aerogel

Lumira aerogel in roof panels

Lumira roof panels allow maximum natural light in while maintaining maximum heat retention.

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