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Trenwyth • Astra-Glaze-SW+

Trenwyth, Astra-Glaze-SW+ Astra-Glaze-SW+ is a very interesting product manufactured by Trenwyth. It’s a glazed masonry unit that’s manufactured to whatever size and shape your particular project dictates. (more…)

Meld USA

Meld USAEco-X is an eco-sensitive alternative to natural stone and petroleum based countertops and panels implementing 74%+ recycled content and minimum embodied energy manufactured is the US by Meld. (more…)



Builderscrete is an amazing new green building material developed in Australia and making inroads in the United States. It’s a material like brick and block but it’s composed of wood waste, sand, cement and other binders. All of its material composition has minimal environmental impact. (more…)