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Builderscrete is an amazing new green building material developed in Australia and making inroads in the United States. It’s a material like brick and block but it’s composed of wood waste, sand, cement and other binders. All of its material composition has minimal environmental impact.


Builderscrete block as finished surfaces at interior and exterior

Cellulose is its main component which is obtained from saw mills and would otherwise be burned or allowed to decompose both of which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Builderscrete coblestone

An example of the coblestone look

Aside from the small carbon footprint resulting in the raw materials and the manufacturing process employed the resultant qualities of the material are what really makes it stand out.


The Colliers House

• Builderscrete is the only brick or block product on the market that actually traps carbon that would normally end up as greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

• It has substantially lower embodied energy.

• It has a significantly higher insulation value (R) in comparison with traditional bricks, blocks and panels.

• Superior thermal mass (the ability to store thermal energy and release it slowly).

• Improved engineering qualities (see test data).

• Lighter weight (two and a half times lighter than concrete or clay).

• Unique workability, it can be nailed and screwed into just like timber, but retains all the advantages of bricks.

• Highest possible fire rating, outperforming concrete, clay, timber and steel. FRL240/240/240

Builderscrete building

A project under construction with Builderscrete block

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