Builderscrete is an amazing new green building material developed in Australia and making inroads in the United States. It’s a material like brick and block but it’s composed of wood waste, sand, cement and other binders. All of its material composition has minimal environmental impact. (more…)

Cabot•Lumira Aerogel

Lumira Daylighting

There has always been an awkward trade-off between the degree of natural light a structure allows in and its ability to control heat retention or loss: the more light the less temperature control available.
The Lumira Aerogel system finally puts to rest this compromise. (more…)


CertainTeed a division of saint gobain

CertainTeed, a division of Saint-Gobain

CertainTeed is a major producer of roofing, siding, trim, sheathing, insulation, foundation products, specialized gypsum products and interior finishes. They are deeply committed to producing sustainable products and using sustainable manufacturing techniques. (more…)

K-tect Building System

K-tect sustainable building systems


Here’s an insulated panel system which eliminates thermal bridging with a lightweight 100% recyclable product, cuts waste, cuts construction time and can achieve up to 72 LEED points. (more…)