Builderscrete is an amazing new green building material developed in Australia and making inroads in the United States. It’s a material like brick and block but it’s composed of wood waste, sand, cement and other binders. All of its material composition has minimal environmental impact. (more…)

Cabot•Lumira Aerogel

Lumira Daylighting

There has always been an awkward trade-off between the degree of natural light a structure allows in and its ability to control heat retention or loss: the more light the less temperature control available.
The Lumira Aerogel system finally puts to rest this compromise. (more…)


9 wood ceiling and walls panel systemsBased in Springfield, Oregon, 9Wood has been in business since 2004, creating a wide variety of award winning custom-built wooden ceilings and walls for architects, decorators and the construction trade. (more…)

Fontenay Woods

Fontenay products from wine barrelsFontenay has been in the flooring business for over 24 years and is the original source of reclaimed wine barrel flooring in the world. (more…)

ASCA Design

ASCA DesignASCA is a leading design and manufacturing company producing Architectural Sun Control systems in many forms; climate control facades, trellis, monumental venetian blinds, kinetic, systems, lightshelves and more (more…)

Pioneer Millworks

Pioneer MillworksAs the name implies Pioneer Millworks is indeed a pioneer in the use of reclaimed wood for flooring, paneling, furniture and structural elements. To get a sense of what they are all about here’s a quote. (more…)

Ecosmart Fire

Ecosmart biofuel fireplacesEcosmart Fireplaces are a brilliant alternative to the conventional wood, gas or pellet fireplace. Utilizing a very clean, aesthetically and environmentally, design (more…)


3form3form is an amazing company which has taken empty shampoo, detergent, milk bottles
and the like, made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and transformed them into high design products. (more…)

Atlantis Energy System • SunSlate Roof Tiles

Atlantis Energy SystemsAtlantis Energy Systems is the world leader in manufacturing custom solar BIPV Systems (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic). They are the only company that produces solar  PV SunSlate Roof Tiles in the USA. (more…)

SOLE Power Tiles

US Tile Sole power tilesUS Tile, a Boral Roofing Company, has partnered with SRS Energy to introduce the first, truly integrated solar solution in the nation. (more…)