Pre-fab Structures

Project Frog

Project Frog

ProjectFrog has married high tech to the building construction industry and created a family of inspiring structures which are efficient, sustainable and cost effective. Their product is delivered to the site in the form of an easy to erect kit. (more…)

K-tect Building System

K-tect sustainable building systems


Here’s an insulated panel system which eliminates thermal bridging with a lightweight 100% recyclable product, cuts waste, cuts construction time and can achieve up to 72 LEED points. (more…)


RedSky Shelters

Red Sky Shelters is a small business based out of North Carolina whose conceptual strengths are driven by Peter Belt. Peter has experimented with tipi structures and lattice yurts, but these frameworks did not have the structural integrity he desired. Inspired by the icosohedran, which is a twenty sided geometrical structure made out of triangles, he developed a vending booth for a festival he partook in. (more…)


Ecosteel custom prefab steel structures


Northern Steel International has been providing pre-engineered prefab steel buildings to major corporations around the world. They have recently created a new division called Ecosteel. Their idea was to combine their technological expertise in engineering and producing steel buildings with recycled materials and local manufacturing from their extensive supply chain. They would then apply this to residential construction. (more…)